First of all, I welcome you to my blog and I also thank you for taking interest in viewing my blog.


 I’m Vani, an aspiring homemaker from the outskirts of ever green city, Tirunelveli. Cooking was never my cup of tea when I just got married. I fumbled with dishes a lot at past. But with the help of my wonderful mom and even more wonderful and understanding mother-in-law, I started to cook. I was deeply inspired by the traditional dishes they cooked and I began to learn them and also tried cooking them. It went quite well for some time. One day, my father-in-law got all interested about hot streamed white rice and chilli chicken, that he once ate at a restaurant. I was all into the new dish he wanted so much and was determined to cook it for him. The dish turned out to be a success and he was all praises. That was my inspiration, it kindled my passion to take it further. I started trying out new dishes with the ever strong support of my husband. Days went by and I evolved into a better cook.

One day I came to know that ‘Pudhuyugam TV channel’ was organizing a state level cooking competition. Instantly I wanted to participate in the prelims and I was encouraged well by my family. The prelims took place at my home-town Tirunelveli. It consisted of 150 participants, from which only 16 were selected to the next round.

 I made it to the top 16 of my district and participated in the second round.

 I was successful and I got selected as the top three contestants representing my district at the state level competition. 

The final round was held at SRM College, Chennai, where I topped the competition and got the title “Samayal Chakravarthi”. It is the proudest moment of my life and I was recognized for my acquired talent with the whole state watching me. My family was in tears and happy for my success. I owe them my achievement as they were the ones who stood by me and encouraged me to proceed forward with my passion.

I wanted to share my passion and benefit others with my recipes. My friend Aarthi suggested me to start a blog and share my ideas. Thanks to her, and that’s how I developed this blog.
Currently I’m living happily with my wonderful husband, two lovely kids, and kind in-laws. 

I’m also blessed with great parents, a charming and beautiful younger sister and her cute little puppy named Black.

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